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Data Entry

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

I was working at my father’s accounting office for the summer,
I did’nt know a thing about the business, but I did know there was
enough ass working there to keep me quite busy for the whole summer.
i had my own office and my duties were to a ssist the office manager.
Most of the time I was on the phone or at lunch.

I became friendly with a number of the women that worked in the
back, as accountants and data entry operators. There was one women in
particular that made my blood boil the minute I saw her. She was
about 27 years old, black hair and green e yes. She was thin, and her
breasts fit her frame being on the small side. I got to know
Stephanie over the next week, having lunch with her and some other
…End of the part1. To be continued..

Dancer Tonight

Friday, January 11th, 2008

God, it’s a slow night, she thought. Her G-string was not
cooperating as she pulled it up her taut thighs. Beside her lay
the lace corset she was to wear. I hate working weeknights, she
grumbled aloud. Fortunately, noone was around, otherwise
Charlie might get wind, and fire her altogether. Noone wants a
dancer who can’t get into the act. She pulled the string high
into the crack of her ass, and admired herself in the mirror. She
ran her fingers down her bare cheeks, and smiled. God, I look
sexy, she thought. The high heels seemed to make her long legs
even more sultry and inviting. Slowly, she stretched, and
watched herself as her skin stretched and pulled. Her breasts
swayed free from any encumbering bra, and bobbed slightly as
…End of the part1. To be continued..