MMMMMMM young cutties

Are you pumped for the 4th of July? I know I am, we’ve got some good shit planned here – BBQ, booze, fireworks and TONS of people to enjoy it all! I was browsing around looking for some July 4th knickknacks yesterday and I couldn’t resist taking a quick break and revisiting the teen talent over at Cherry Filled Sex (all that red white and blue can make a girl kinda horny doncha know! ;) )


And I happened upon Katie here, in one of her first scenes ever! She’s so cute peeling back her panties to give us all a quick glimpse before erupting into giggles once again…


That shyness factor is OH SO HOT, it makes my pussy tingle! Of course, it doesn’t last for long once she gets into the swing of things. Katie has a pretty teen cunt that any cock would love to claim as it’s own. Lucky for her well-hung Ian is on hand to pound the hell out of that sweet little pussy of hers and then some! Hop on over and check it out on the free trial, cos the things he does to her will send electric shocks through your whole body!

WOOT! Party time tomorrow!!!

FingerBang Jan

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