Nubiles net Valerie

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she is tall and athletic, with short brown hair tipped with
a silver tint. the tint in her hair reminds him of women he
knew five years ago; it adds an almost archaic touch to her
girlish face. her eyes are bright; they dart around the room
playfully. she wears a touch of eyeshadow and a touch of
lipstick. she licks her lips and they stay wet. he thinks of
her pussy lips wet, with the hair around them trimmed short and
neat like the hair on her head. she puts a hand to her mouth
and bites at her fingernail. the hand is strong, with long
fingers, but the skin on it is so smooth. he thinks of her
hands stroking his chest, playing with his hard cock, her smooth
fingers stroking its smooth skin. he wants to push his cock
into her wet pussy lips, rub it against the place deep inside
her. he wants her to be sensitive there, so he can please her
that way.

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